Goanimate.com Animated Video Creation and Digital Storytelling

Goanimate.com is a cloud based website that assist users with easily creating sophisticated and professional animated videos. Goanimate can be used in a variety of industries to create videos with multifaceted concepts. Business, marketing, education, training and blogging are some of the industries that can greatly benefit from Goanimate. Goanimate provides a variety of easy to understand tutorials to maximize its video features. These features include premade templates for videos, characters with various animations, a variety of themes, graphics, background settings, music and voice over capabilities. In addition, Goanimate provides a seamless process of publishing the animated video and uploading it to a variety of social media platforms including YouTube.

Goanimate is a great tool that can be adapted to meet the needs of educators in K-12, higher education and adult training and development settings. The wide variety of templates, themes and characters allow educators and learners to leverage creativity in animated videos. Educators will find that technological pedagogical content knowledge will assist in easily designing a learning experience that fits their students learning goals with Goanimate. Digital storytelling is an instructional strategy that can be facilitated with Goanimate and applied across various domains of education. Educators in K-12 settings can adapt Goanimate to meet the needs of their students by scaffolding instruction based on students’ self-efficacy. The tutorials also provide an additional level of support to ensure that students can use Goanimate effectively.

K-12 learners can apply a variety of ISTE technology standards and incorporate Common Core standards by using Goanimate for digital storytelling. An example is creating an expository story regarding the evolution of rockets and rocket ships. Higher education STEM courses can use Goanimate to create digital stories regarding how to code using HTML. Adult training and development can use digital storytelling to develop a video regarding a company’s mission, values and goals. Goanimate can be used in a variety of domains and instructional settings to create dynamic video presentations that will meet the needs of educators and learners.