Wideo.co Educational Technology Review #1

Description and Explanation of Wideo.co

Wideo.co is a website that is designed to create animated video production in a variety of business, entertainment and educational settings. It allows novice to expert users to develop their own videos in an easy to navigate Wideo workspace. Wideo.co incorporates easy to follow, short tutorial videos to help you to get started with creating your video. Wideo offers a variety of templates, backgrounds, graphics and themes to assist with creating elaborate, creative and entertaining videos from scratch. A user selects templates and graphics that fit the goal and design of their video. Then, the user can add voiceovers, text, various fonts, images, photos, movement and music to create animated video. It also allows you to use your creativity to allow the graphics to appropriately portray the message of your animated video. In addition, Wideo.co incorporates a photo editor feature that allows you to enhance crop and enhance images. The intuitive format for developing animated videos is a great advantage to users.

Wideo.co has a workspace to develop your video. You develop each section of your video as a scene on a timeline continuum. You can also preview your finished video and make adjustments to portions of it with ease to produce a final product that you can be excited about. Wideo.co offers the ability to seamlessly share your video on social media outlets including Facebook and YouTube. You can also upload your video to your personal website or blog to share. This feature allows you to get feedback and exposure that can be beneficial to your animated video.

A variety of users and sectors can benefit from Wideo.co. Businesses can use Wideo to create animated commercials for marketing purposes or to share information about their companies. Creative writers, short story producers or cartoonists can use Wideo to bring their creativity to life, as opposed to only having paper versions of their creations. Educators and students can use Wideo for digital storytelling purposes to share stories, skills, concepts in an innovative and engaging way.

 Wideo.co Analysis & Connection to ISTE Standards

Wideo.co is a great educational technology tool to use for the implementation Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge and for implementing the ISTE creativity standards. ISTE encourages divergent thinking and creation with innovative technology products, which Wideo provides. Wideo can be incorporated into a variety of educational domains in K-12 settings, higher education and adult learning settings.

Learners in K -5 settings can be excited about bringing their stories to life using Wideo. Scaffolding of Wideo by a teacher can help K-5 students succeed with Wideo digital storytelling development. Older learners in middle and high school settings can typically watch the tutorial videos to learn how to create a Wideo animation. Then, collaboration, project based learning and divergent thinking and critical thinking skills can be leveraged in a variety of instructional tasks. In higher educational and adult learning settings, learners and educators can benefit from creating dynamic presentations than just relying on traditional lectures or presentations.

 Wideo.co Critique & Suggestions

Wideo.co is a great website that offers the creation of animation to novice and expert animators. Graphic designers and animators typically had to attend complicated courses for years to become proficient with creating animation. However, Wideo.co makes animation accessible to a variety of learners and sectors of business and entertainment for a reasonable price. This leads to marketing, creativity and innovation among users. Wideo’s incorporation of easy to follow tutorials and an intuitive workspace motivates users to have confidence in the development of their animation. In addition, the plethora of backgrounds, themes and templates assist Wideo with being multifaceted in its domains of usage.

Wideo.co is quite intuitive for middle school learners through adult learners to use to create animated videos. However, perhaps younger K-5 learners can benefit from animated templates that already have premade backgrounds, characters that move and themes. Therefore, K-5 learners can simply add text or voiceovers that can easily correlate with the premade format in a Wideo workspace. Currently Wideo is geared towards the independent use of older learners. However, differentiating the workspace for novice K-5 learners can increase their self-efficacy with incorporating Wideo at school and at home. In addition, parents can have more success with assisting students with Wideo animation development as well. This strategy can enhance STEM performance among younger learners and provide a foundation of success for future animators, writers and television and move producers. This can possibly enhance the marketability of Wideo.co among younger learners and provide an exceptional technology tool that will peak their interests and enthusiasm about educational technology integration in the classroom.



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