Wideo.co Video Creation Website Review

Wideo.co is a website designed to assist video creators with creating more elaborate videos than can be created via traditional video cameras. It offers multimedia options including various background templates, graphics, photos, voiceovers, characters and animation. In addition, the photo editing component of the website improves efficiency and creativity of the video. All of the video creation and editing are done in a Wideo workspace that is user friendly, with easy to understand icons available to intuitively progress through a video creation. Wideo.co also offers brief, easy to understand tutorial videos to get started using the application quickly and effectively.

Digital storytelling in K-12 settings, higher education and adult learning can be created using this educational technology tool. Middle school students through adult learners can typically easily navigate through the creation of a digital story via Wideo.co. after watching tutorials. However, students in K-5 settings will require more scaffolding and could benefit from creating a teacher led collaborative digital story for the class to get acclimated to using its features. Then, scaffolding can be implemented to differentiate the independent or group use of Wideo.co based on students’ comfort levels. Wideo.co is a great option to enhance technology integration into a variety of instructional settings.

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